Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

This being my very first Halloween, I wanted to be something very boy and/or spooky...like a pirate, vampire, skeleton, or superman. Well since mom can only understand me when I say ba ba (bottle), mama, or dada she had no clue that I DID NOT want to be anything cutsie! I let her have her way and smiled for some of the pictures anyways. She tells me that I have to do this twice and go door to door to get some candy. I don't get it! She gave me candy in some of the pictures, but didn't let me eat a single one. She getting a little wacky in her old age.

I did have to put up a little fight to remind her who is boss!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I have a cute Family

My mom and dad are nuts. They are always taking pictures of me. This time I told them that i had had enough. I demanded that they get in the picture with me. You can see you I get my good looks from, my mom. It was really chilly up in the canyon so my mom put this cozy sweater on. Don't I look handsome? I just wish my dad would learn to look at the camera. What a silly guy!